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RiverStone Reporting was developed to help you outsource your financial, excel, and PowerPoint needs. We help small businesses gain insight into their financial performance to make better operational decisions. We work with entrepreneurs, founders, search funds, boutique investment banks, independent sponsors, family offices, hedge funds, growth equity firms, and small business owners to develop monthly financial reporting, quarterly board packages, and sector-specific KPI metrics to unlock growth. We help create comprehensive institutional investor presentations and confidential investment memorandums to best position your business. 

​Outsource the standard financial and operational back-office functions to 1099 contractors with institutional private equity and investment banking experience. We save our clients significant time, resources, and money and work with our clients for an average of over 3+ years. Skip the inexperienced, expensive full-time hires and turnover and work with our RiverStone Reporting team today.

​RiverStone has helped over 50 institutional clients with excellent testimonials and 5 star reviews

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RiverStone works closely with clients, providing exceptional financial and consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs.

Get in touch with our team to achieve immediate results.

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Office Consultation


We assist your team with ongoing monthly and quarterly reporting, LBO models, budgeting, pro forma EBITDA adjustments, turnover analysis, client trends, and
KPI metrics to provide you with valuable insights and help accelerate growth. 


RiverStone can help you create comprehensive investor presentations, board decks, advisory materials, lender / bank loan presentations, private placement memorandums, CIMs, company overview materials, teasers and case studies.


We help sponsors and business owners conduct industry research, competitive landscape analysis, benchmarking, identify potential platforms and tuck-in acquisitions, and act as a thought partner around subsector diligence and growth.

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Helping business owners and investors navigate challenges ahead 

Small Businesses

Are you a CEO or leading a family-owned business and wearing 10 different hats? Allow us to take time-intensive, burdening projects off of your plate so you can focus on running your business. We work best with small, private healthcare companies who are looking to accelerate growth and need an efficient, cost-effective  solution to financial and operational work. We save our clients tens of thousands of dollars per year by outsourcing financial and operational projects to our sophisticated team, who works hand-in-hand with your company to ensure you are properly taking that next step towards growth.  

Search Funds

Riverstone works with ​search funds who are looking to rapidly complete diligence and acquire a business. We can assist you with finding family and founder-owned businesses, developing robust investor materials, creating financial projections, building an LBO returns model with various scenarios and sensitivities, and analyzing the fundamental operations of a business. We've attended the Harvard Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition ("ETA") conference the past two years and we've assisted over a dozen Ivy league searchers with investor decks and models as well as ongoing financial reporting and quarterly board materials. 

Investment Banks

We work with boutique investment banks who are at-capacity and could utilize additional resources to reduce the time to get a business to market. We've assisted several middle market investment banks on a confidential basis with quickly building out company presentation slides and assisting with financial projections and modeling. We build comprehensive confidential investment memorandums (CIMs), projection models, pull valuation comps, identify precedent transactions, build teasers, and help you reach the best outcome for your  clients.

Financial Sponsors

We assist financial sponsors including independent sponsors, family offices, venture capital, growth equity, and private equity firms outsource key financial tasks that are required to run your day-to-day business. Many clients are newer sponsors with a small team and require incremental institutional help in building models and investment memos that will be well-received by larger investors. Our team understands the ins and outs of raising capital and the limited partner universe, preparing complex investment memorandums and private placement memorandums, evaluating new sectors to pursue, sourcing add-on acquisitions, and being a thought partner as you look to raise capital for your firm's long-term growth. 



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Our impressive portfolio or clients includes venture capital, growth equity, and private equity firms as well as niche, healthcare services companies that are family / founder-owned. Below is an illustrative subset of clients:

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