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RiverStone has helped over 20+ searchers (both self-funded and traditional) from Ivy league and blue-chip MBA programs, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Move through diligence more quickly, efficiently, and accurately, impress your investors with an institutional-quality investor memo, and stay organized post-closing with financial reporting, customized KPI dashboards, quarterly board packages. We have attended the Harvard ETA Conference the past couple of years and have helped a variety of searchers across sectors complete attractive transactions. Below are the different advisory services offered to help you achieve immediate results.

Search Fund Diligence Assistance

Contract Paper Signing


Sales Representative




Stand out

Clearly articulate your value-creation plan. RiverStone can help you develop a clean, concise, and differentiated institutional investor
presentation (40-80 pages) and LBO returns model where we highlight your unique
strategy, experience, sector focus, and opportunities for growth.

Expert Analysis

We assist with industry research, market mapping, valuation trends, competitive benchmarking, and industry sizing. We can help your thesis and vision around a niche 
sub-sector come to fruition in an efficient
and timely manner.

Ongoing Reporting

Outsource monthly financial reporting and cash flow forecasts, monthly or quarterly KPI metrics reports, and ongoing quarterly board materials to RiverStone. Gain real-time insights into financial performance and company growth, without sacrificing time and resources.

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Current & Former Search Fund Clients
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(Harvard MBA Searcher)

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(Harvard MBA Searcher)

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(Northwestern MBA Searcher)

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(Harvard MBA Searcher)

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(University of Chicago MBA Searcher)


RiverStone has had the opportunity to help over 20 search fund clients with diligence and investor materials


"I wish I would have used RiverStone Reporting much earlier in the process of creating my Confidential Information Memorandum.  I spent weeks spinning my wheels on how to visually present the information in a professional manner.  The RiverStone team was able to quickly put together very professional slides that were well received by my investors."

Terrance Story

Founder & Managing Partner

129 Growth Partners

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