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ABA Therapy Operational Improvements | Expanding Your Clinical Footprint

The ABA therapy sector continues to see significant growth in both supply and demand. Patients need continued care across all settings including home-based care, clinic-based care, care across schools and communities, as well as the growing telehealth component of the industry.

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing and scheduling challenges, cancellation rates, and labor shortages can be difficult. All of this while you as a business owner still want to grow your practice and expand your clinical footprint.

Here at RiverStone, we can help your ABA Therapy practice grow and expand operations. Our team can help with financial reporting, evaluating operational metrics, and doing a deep-dive key performance indicator (KPI) analysis to help improve operations and grow your business. We have successfully helped several ABA clients in the past conducting analysis around scheduling, BCBA to RBT staffing ratios, clinician turnover, recruiting best-practices, navigating an ever-changing reimbursement rate, payor rate trends over time, P&L monthly summaries, and helping founders improve clinical outcomes while operating in a more efficient staffing model.

As a founder or business owner, it is difficult to wear 10 hats and be expected to run your business efficiently and effectively, all while ensuring patients receive top-notch, high-quality care with improved outcomes. RiverStone Reporting is a trusted and highly affordable financial outsourced services solution to help your practice grow. We help management teams evaluate detailed metrics and provide insightful reporting on an ongoing basis to make sure optimized decision-making is done in real-time. As the industry becomes more and more competitive with new market entrants and new practices opening, it is more critical than ever to keep up with patient demands, meet the needs of client's families, all while keeping clinicians happy in a stressful working environment.

Reach out to RiverStone Reporting today to learn how we can help your practice grow, improve operations, which leads to happier families and stronger patient clinical outcomes. We love working alongside of founders and business owners to make sure you are tackling difficult business decisions in the right manner. Let us help your practice grow and expand today!

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