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Beyond Your CPA: The Importance of KPI Metrics

Many family/founder-owned businesses utilize an in-house CPA advisor or accounting firm to assist with the company's bookkeeping and financials. At RiverStone, we take a more strategic approach. While we don't update your QuickBooks or balance your balance sheet, RiverStone digs into large, messy raw data sets to spit out meaningful KPI metrics. Key performance indicators help management teams make better-informed, data-driven, real-time decisions to accelerate growth.

Our RiverStone team has ample experience evaluating large data sets based on charges / collections, payors, providers, patients, locations, and employee census to help you better understand your business. Our analysis helps you focus on what is working as well as improve pain points within your operations.

Below are a handful of examples of the types of analysis we do. We help healthcare companies make strategic decisions on breadth vs. depth and targeting specific customers for increased wallet share to support growth.

Many small businesses cater to hundreds of clients, but management sometimes gets bogged down with daily tasks to really hone in on the clients that matter. We can assist you in evaluating and segmenting client trends so you focus your time on the right growth initiatives.

In addition to location segmentation, we also help identify top 25 customer trends and top 50 patient trends. Are you catering to the right patients or customers? Are you experience patient or customer turnover that is heavily impacting your recent quarterly or LTM performance? If a top customer is recently declining in performance your team needs to know immediately. Many times, companies fail to identify key trends and communicate with top customers, resulting in attrition and turnover. Be proactive vs. reactive.

Reach out to our RiverStone team today for assistance with KPI reporting and financial analyses. Schedule a call and review our comprehensive KPI services presentation to learn more:

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