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Finding the Right Capital Provider - How to Select a Private Equity Firm to Partner With

Are you looking to raise capital to invest in and accelerate the growth of your business? Finding the right capital provider can be overwhelming. You may not know the historical returns, reputation, and true value-add of a venture capital, growth equity or private equity firm you are evaluating. In addition, institutional sponsors may come in at various valuations for the business - do you simply accept the highest valuation?

RiverStone Reporting can help you make that leap in finding the right capital that matches your values and long-term strategy. Whether you run a group of autism clinics, dental practices, or provide home care services to the elderly, our team has vast experience in private equity and can help you make the right decision. RiverStone specializes in multi-site healthcare services where we understand typical pain points around provider staffing, clinician turnover, de novo ramp period, and payor mix reimbursement risks.

In addition to the highest enterprise value and most attractive EBITDA valuation multiple, RiverStone helps family and founder-owned businesses with other important aspects of a process. This may include finding personal expenses and one-time EBITDA adjustments that can be considered "addbacks" and increase your overall valuation. We can help with transaction structuring around earnouts and seller rollover negotiations to ensure you have material upside and will be paid for taking on such risk. Employment agreements can be another hot topic - if you are looking to sell your business do you want to continue to be the CEO for a year, two years, five years? These are difficult questions to answer alone. RiverStone Reporting can help provide unbiased advice as your go-to small business broker.

We advise clients throughout processes and know the entire landscape of private equity firms through our network. RiverStone understands how important it is to find the right fit when searching for capital that will not hurt, but improve your existing culture. Institutional capital shouldn't be viewed as a bad thing - having access to capital to open new clinics, expand your service offering, or expand geography can be a huge win for your business. It is just a matter of finding that right group to partner with. Each private equity firm has a different working style and hands-on or hands-off approach when they invest into small businsses. Fit and culture are extremely important to ensure it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Reach out to our RiverStone Reporting team today at to see how we can help you find that right capital partner. Small businesses that are family/founder owned are perfect clients where we can add the most value in ensuring you are receiving the best valuation, working with a high-quality group, and have consistent goals and ultimate vision for your business alongside of the sponsor selected.

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