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How to Fundraise & Market to Institutional Limited Partners

The amount of private equity and growth equity spinouts and newly founded firms continues to grow. More and more mid-level investment professionals are testing the waters as an independent sponsor or raising a first-time fund as an emerging manager to lead their own deals. Many private equity pitches sound the same along the lines of "our value-added playbook is different", "we source opportunities proprietarily", "we are a heavily experienced and cohesive team" and "we continue to see tremendous deal flow". But having a compelling investor pitch deck can be the different in receiving a follow-up call or engaging large institutional limited partners.

Many investor pitch decks look the same and sometimes sponsors (even ones who have hired relatively well-known placement agents) lack a truly compelling presentation to hook an audience. We work hand in hand with newly formed private equity firms in building the perfect teaser / firm overview sheet, investor presentation, and data room materials to help your team move past introductory meetings.

RiverStone Reporting has extensive experience and building and re-constructing private equity and growth equity pitch decks. Our team understands what institutional investors are looking for in order to get comfortable making a commitment to a new first-time fund or backing a new emerging manager on a one-off co-investment or SPV deal.

Many first-time funds and emerging managers do not have an extensive data room with operational diligence materials, investment memorandums, firm policies, ESG policies, organizational charts, team biographies, and deal flow summaries. RiverStone has seen hundreds of lower middle market data rooms and understands the breadth and depth of documents that are required to successfully launch your new firm. While many newly formed sponsors have existing relationships with high net worth individuals (HNW) or family offices, it can be critical to capture the attention of larger fund of funds, endowments, insurance companies, and pension plans in order to accelerate your fundraise and bring in real institutional capital.

Reach out to our RiverStone team today to see how we can help bolster your existing marketing materials and help create institutional-quality data room documents that will impress large, blue-chip investors.

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