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Part-Time CFO: Save Money While Adding Value

Every small business will have an accountant and tax individual to keep track of the books, ensuring financials are audited and taxes are paid. But what about your finance function? Often times, start-ups and small businesses may overlook the value of a true CFO, VP of Finance, or Financial Analyst to assist with keeping track of finances.

Our RiverStone Reporting team can help you gain significant insight into your business through valuable financial reporting and analytics. We have experience working with QuickBooks and various healthcare-specific practice management software systems such as Dentrix Ascend and CentralReach. We can help improve your business' financial function at a fraction of the cost of hiring on a full-time CFO or Financial Analyst. Full-time employees require a salary, bonus, 401K match, insurance, and benefits. Meanwhile, our RiverStone Reporting team operates as an efficient 1099 contractor, providing your company with part-time help and financial flexibility.

We have extensive investment banking and private equity experience and specialize in assisting multi-site healthcare service companies including autism, occupational therapy, ENT clinics, sleep clinics, physical therapy, dental and orthodontics, wound care, and many more. Outsource your revenue cycle management, billing and collections, and financial reporting including P&L summaries and trends on a monthly and quarterly basis. As an operational value-added consultant we can analyze expense trends in your business to help you right-size costs and improve margins and profitability. We can also assist with valuable KPI reporting to provide production and revenue insights by provider, payor, clinician, location, state / geography, care setting, and much more.

Reach out to our RiverStone Reporting team today at if you need assistance with an outsourced finance function. We'd love to help you gain valuable insights into your business at a fraction of the typical cost of hiring on a formal CFO. Let us help your small business thrive, improve margins, while accelerating growth.

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