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Helping Business Owners Take the Next Step

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RiverStone Reporting assists entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with financial reporting, KPI metrics, investor presentations, LBO modeling, and industry research to make better-informed, data-driven,
real-time decisions and accelerate growth. We specialize in the healthcare space and add significant value at a fraction of the cost of a new full-time, junior hire. We typically work under an affordable 1099 hourly rate construct and rollover 100% of compensation earned into a transaction, company, or fund as sweat equity providing upside and creating a strong alignment of interest with our clients. 

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We help small businesses professionalize, implement value-creation plans, and scale

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Diversified Client Base of 50+ Investors, Financial Institutions, and Operators



Focus Investment Banking
(Investment Bank)

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GiantLeap Capital
(Growth Equity)

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Sound Point
(Hedge Fund)

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Autism Behavioral Institute

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(Investment Bank)


Dental Support Networ

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Already HomeCare

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Mission Springs Ventures
(Search Fund)


RiverStone Reporting works collaboratively with your team to unlock growth through improved outsourced financial reporting and insightful KPI tracking. We specialize in providing management teams with highly detailed reports allowing for them to make better decisions and improve outcomes.


Many small business owners understand the ins and outs of their business, but may lack the detailed reporting to make better informed decisions. RiverStone can help provide granular detailed financial reports on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you understand the exact trajectory of your business. Reports can include revenue by month / quarter, location, provider, payor, and procedure as well as operational reporting around employee turnover, staffing, equipment purchasing, payor rates, and more.


Looking to invest into a new sub-sector or grow into a new market? RiverStone can help you create industry presentations, analyze competitive landscapes, evaluate new geographical markets, and source add-on acquisition opportunities. RiverStone specializes in healthcare services and has a deep understanding of market dynamics and trends in the space.

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Are you an independent sponsor looking to raise new capital as a first-time fund? Are you a small business that is capital constrained and looking to partner with a financial institution to fund the next leg of growth? We can help you find the right capital partners or limited partners to set your business up for success. We build private equity investor presentations to help best-position your strategy in a competitive market.


Looking to sell your business? We can help you find the right partner with a similar goal and vision for your company. We understand the growth equity and private equity buyouts landscape within healthcare services and can introduce minority or majority investors to create near-term liquidity while maintaining long-term upside.

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RiverStone Reporting was founded to help small business owners capitalize on near-term growth initiatives. By outsourcing financial and operational back-office functions at an affordable rate while giving owners valuable insights into their business, we allow management teams to focus on what really matters. 

Our team has extensive investment banking and private equity experience and can help small private equity firms and growth equity firms, independent sponsors, and search funds with raising capital, creating differentiated investor presentations, private placement memorandums, teasers and case studies, building LBO returns models, summarizing track records, and best positioning your firm for success in a competitive industry. Raising capital and finding the right investors or limited partners can be difficult and our RiverStone team acts as a hands-on placement agent at a highly discounted rate, helping you every step of the way.  

Many of our clients have tried to outsource financial projects through UpWork, BluWave, part-time hires, and offshore companies that lack institutional know-how and generate poor work quality. If you are in need of any of our services get in touch with RiverStone Reporting today. 



Patrick, Managing Partner

"Working with the RiverStone Reporting team was excellent and would give them 6 out of 5 stars. They created an investor presentation, helped develop a 100-day plan for our first portfolio company, and provided unparalleled consulting on the private equity space along the way. Would absolutely hire again."


Financial District
Boston, MA

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